About Peter

Peter Esdaile was born in Canada in 1947, but grew up in the Oslo area. He has taught at the National Art Academies of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim and has a well established reputation as a painter, sculptor, and print artist with a characteristic boldness in his use of form and colour. He has held many large exhibitions and is represented at the Norwegian National Gallery and in many private collections throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

Esdaile has been active in delivering commissions of paintings, sculpture and drawings for a diversity of clients, from private collectors to buildings in the public sector, cruise ship decorations, a variety of restaurants and some private clinics and hospitals.

Esdaile’s influences are many, West and East, politics and mysticism. This unique blend aptly captures the surreal magic of contemporary life while exploring the timelessness of human experience. Figures and stormy landscapes collide with architectural forms in some paintings, while elsewhere symbolic images and classical mythology converge with an eclectic mix of figures from popular culture. The result is startlingly vibrant and often hauntingly poetic.

Currently, Esdaile is based out of Vestfold,Norway and Madison, WI in the USA.

About Peter Esdaile